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Love is the Spirit of this Church

Rev. Fayre Stephenson

Rev. Fayre Stephenson is the minister of the First Universalist Church of Norway, the oldest continuously existing Universalist congregation in the state of Maine. Prior to entering the ministry, Fayre worked for the Massachusetts Legislature and as a writer and lobbyist for the Massachusetts Organization of State Engineers and Scientists, a public employee labor union. … Continued

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In Tribute to Sanford UU Church
Through a series of serendipitous happenings, I arrived on the steps of Sanford UU Church on a week day late in the year 2000. Patty Kidder was hard at work in the office and Diane Whiteside-Peck, who happened to be making a delivery, offered to show me around. I’ll never forget her enthusiastic words, which resonate even to this day: “I love my church!” It was an endorsement I couldn’t refuse! I, too, have come to love and cherish Sanford UU Church, the bHelen Kaneuilding itself as well as its members, who are each other’s extended family. Where else can each of us feel so valued for who we are, and for our own unique contributions? Old-fashioned, quirky, new-fangled, out-of-the-box, inclusive thinking: all are encouraged in our efforts to move forward beyond our walls to benefit the larger community.

–When I was waiting for meaningful volunteer work, Corner Cupboard was born.
–When I learned to quilt, there were receptive, enthusiastic RE children ready to sew.
–When I took an interest in the church’s history, a centennial book emerged.
–When our wonderful pianist, Ruth, is (rarely) away, I am privileged to substitute.
–When I’m sewing or knitting, there are fairs and auctions to contribute to.
–When there’s fun(d) raising to be done, my yard lends itself to our annual outdoor sale.

I’ve seen people’s lives rescued by this church. I’ve watched our children grow into successful, accomplished adults, encouraged by this church. I’ve observed our wonderful minister grow “in wisdom and stature” over the years. Like all of you, I’ve been helped more times than I can count by our inestimable Mona and Bill. Our church abounds in opportunities to give and to receive.

Now you know some of the reasons for my adopted mantra: I LOVE MY CHURCH! Helen Kane